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    Junior/Adult Level
    Quittin' Time

    Lesson for May 26, 2019

    Quittin Time

    Quittin' Time

    Quittin' Time
    Junior Level

    Our Sunday school topic for today focuses on the hope that one day we will rest from all our labor and be at home with our Lord. We must do our best to work for the Father here to further His kingdom in telling others of the gospel of Christ. We encourage one another that though we labor for a season, joy comes in the morning, and soon it will be quittin' time, and eternal peace with our Lord.

    Quittin' Time

    Lesson Plan

    Job 7:1-2

    Is there not an appointed time to man upon earth? are not his days also like the days of an hireling? 2 As a servant earnestly desireth the shadow, and as an hireling looketh for the reward of his work:

    Sometimes as I am thumbing through the Bible and reading God's love letter to me, a passage will strike a cord in my heart that gets me to thinking of where I've been, where I am and where I'm going. The above passage is one of them.

    As I sit here peckin' at the keyboard my mind is running back to days gone by and a long straight row in the cotton patch. Now most of you will not be able to relate to a young lad of a boy of ten or twelve years pulling a 7 foot cotton sack while bent over a row of cotton. Rest assured it wasn't my idea and I didn't really want to be there The only reason I was in the cotton patch at all was because that is where mom and dad wanted me.

    There are many things more exciting than reaching into the stalk and grabbing cotton from open bolls. About the only times the monotony of picking was broken was when your cousin whizzed a green boll or dirt clod past your ear. If you were fortunate the missile would fly harmlessly by but occasionally the aim was better than you wished for. These clod and boll fights had to be done discretely as you were under the watchful eye of the grownups which were known to deliver stern rebuke or worse. Child abuse wasn't known at the time.

    About the only other dangers you might face were stinging caterpillars, spiders and the occasional wasp nest hidden under the broad leaves of the cotton plant. Looking back now I can smile and reminisce about the good old days but at the time all I wanted was the sun to set low on the horizon "as a servant earnestly desireth the shadow". As a growing boy I knew that at the end of the day my grandmother would have supper on the table and and the reward of supper sure made the toil more tolerable.

    Amen :O))

    God Bless you all,


    GOD Bless You.


    CindyGirl - See my church!

    Adams Hill Church

    Adams Hill Church, Morgan County, Tennessee


    The Apostle Paul, Part 4 - The Message Spreads
    May 26, 2019

    Paul - Part 3, by Lisa DeVinney

    Grades 3-6 Sunday School Lesson
    The Apostle Paul: Part 4
    The Message Spreads

    Author’s Notes: Last week, we saw our missionaries, Paul and Barnabas being sent out to share the good news about Jesus Christ. They celebrated a great victory on the island of Cyprus, as the deputy of Paphos believed in Jesus, despite great opposition from Satan. But the pair also suffered a great disappointment as John, who had come along to minister to them, abandoned them to return back home. But Paul and Barnabas didn’t let disappointment stop them. In this week’s lesson, we’ll find Paul and Barnabas continuing their journey, and sharing with us the message that they were carrying throughout the world – that Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of God’s promise to send a Savior. Today’s lesson provides a great opportunity to share the message of salvation with anyone who may be lost.


    Grades 3-6 Sunday School Lesson

    The Apostle Paul, Part 4 - The Message Spreads

    Grades 3-6 Sunday School Lesson

    Coloring Page for Young Visitors

    Opening comments/story: If you have enough students (probably at least 5) play the game “Telephone” with them. The object of the game is to show the players that in telling and retelling a message, it is often changed as each one tries to remember what they think they heard, and pass it on to the next player. To play the game, have your students stand in a line or a circle, standing far enough apart that they cannot hear one student whisper a message into the ear of another. As the teacher, you are the first to pass the message along to the first student. You can think of a message, yourself, or use one of the suggested messages below. After you whisper the message to a student, have them do the same with the next student, and so on, one at a time, until every student has been told the message. Then have the last student say the message out loud, to see if the message they heard is the same as the original message you first whispered.

    Lisa's Other Grade 3-6 Lessons

    -- Lisa DeVinney --

    Primary Lesson


    The Days are Made by God,
    , by Julie Pisacane
    May 26, 2019

    Open With Prayer: Start with a prayer to God asking Him to help us learn this day about how to live faithfully and joyfully unto Him with the time and days He  has given to  us.

    Discussion:  Ask the children what day it is and then discuss how they learned to know what day it is. Allow and encourage each of them to take a turn at answering this question.Next -- Ask them how is it that we can keep track of the days and of the time?

    Finally – Discuss some things that we do with the time and days God has given  to us  reminding the children that each day and  every moment is really a gift from God.  CURRENT HANDOUT
    The Days are Made by God,

    Suggested Materials And Activity For Today’s Lesson :  

    Calendars, Clocks , Watches ,Paper and Crayons


    Today we will help the children to make a one week calendar with a Scripture verse  written  upon it.  Let the children choose what verse they would like to write on the calendar they make .

    Also, next to each day of this  weekly Calendar instruct the children to write  “ God’s Monday”, “God’s Tuesday” , etc. for an entire  calendar week.


    Curriculum Materials (free) from Scarboro Missions - Paul McKenna

    News from Unity in Christ Ministries, Pakistan

    • CURRENT MEDITATIONS - I love God. He doesn't have a disclaimer does not have side effects, doesn't charge by the hour always answers His messages,(and sometimes before we even leave one), no risk of depression, internal bleeding, etc... there's no fine print, He's always on time and in the end I come out refined like silver and pure as gold. 2/15/2011 Horizon Christian Fellowship San Diego
    • Dear brother and sister in Christ, I love God. He doesn't have a disclaimer does not have side effects, doesn't charge by the hour always answers His messages,(and sometimes before we even leave one), no risk of depression, internal bleeding, etc... there's no fine print, He's always on time and in the end I come out refined like silver and pure as gold.
    • Hi this is Ravi from India, I Let u share about my Sunday School. My Church is located at India, Andhra Pradesh, Balajinagar, Secunderabad. I am thankful to you that I got an opportunity to write about my Sunday School. I'm thankful to God God giving me an opportunity to teach Sunday School. There are 30 children in my Sunday School. Each person has different talent, and they all have good faith in God. Our church is small and we have a lot of enjoyment here by God's grace. I'm interested to chat you if you have an email. Please send me the email. My email is: geddamravikiran@yahoo.com

      Dear Brothers and Sisters. this is Bishop Shakeel Maseeh from Faisalabad, Pakistan. We would like to start sunday school in our churches. We need sunday school teaching and student materials in Urdu. If you are alreading running sunday school in Pakistan. Please also provide us sunday school teaching and student material. That we can also establish sunday school in our churches through you. I need your good response. For more information about us, you can contact me, in him Bishop Shakeel Anjum Presiding Bishop (Director) Metro Apostolic Network Pakistan shakilmasih@gmail.com +92 322 6261278 Pakistan.

    Winds of Change - by Tammy Hornbeck (8/23/09)


Jenny Wren's Home Page

The Casting of Pearls - from Jenny Wren

News from Pakistan Sunday School - 28 Nov 2009


CindyGirl's Church! - Adams Hills Church Adams Hill Church, Morgan County, Tennessee

Horizon Christian Fellowship - San Diego. - Lamentations 3:26,27 It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the LORD.It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young. Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,is it fair that we should know sorrow, pain and death? I think my answer would be,"it's not that we are supposed to experience death and pain. It's the wisdom that comes from knowing how good God is, despite our pain and sorrow. Because wisdom and understanding is way more valuable and worthwhile than all the pleasures that are marketed and pushed on us, and believing physical sex and substance abuse and pleasures that we are led to think is normal and real, are good for us. God is real and the sooner we get to know Him, the more peace we will have in the fire and turmoil. Then we can truly enjoy our lives whether in poverty or wealth. Peace or war. Beautiful or not beautiful.. 4/7/2011

A place to meet, invite others for speaking engagements, list your local activities, share, empower, equip, and encourage others to go out to all the world and preach the Good News of Jesus. Current information, news, praise reports are regularly listed on the GEH Facebook. Please visit and join and let us all know how God is moving in your life of preaching, teaching, evangelizing, praying, pastoring, and all other offices and gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Gods Extended Hand Homeless Mission, San Diego, CA, USA. Write enquireof@yahoo.com 4/14/10 More: Is it possible for someone to write a few paragraphs on how great I am? Or will it turn out to be, how great I was? If you ever get a thought in your spirit about something, some place, or someone, and you pray for that something, someplace, or somebody, you have done a great thing,and it's to God be the Glory. Gideon was a mighty man of valour. You are a mighty man or woman of valour too. No hype, no fanfare; just doing your duty.

FGA Church, Islamabad, Pakistan. - "AND JESUS SAID TO THEM, “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD” AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE." MARK 16:15 Dear Brother, Regards in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, Blessings & the Love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with now and always. I am so glad to witness the great Job done by your websites. I really appreciate your efforts. I am visiting the web site which is beautiful now. It’s a wonderful website. My favourite Christian Bible Reading Books, Miracle Healing Crusade Programmes, Teaching Programmes CDs & DVDs. In this regard I request to you send me Free Sermons, Literatures, Songs CDs DVDs, Holy Spirit Healing Miracle Crusade CDs DVDs, Bible Movies & Lord Jesus Christ Movies, NKJV, NIV Bible Books, Audio / Voice Bible Software etc. Brother please sent me free my postal address. Thanks. God Bless you all. Mr. Shahbaz Masih H. # C-133, St. # 26, Sector F-6/2, Near Flat, Islamabad, Pakistan 0300-5070210 11/26/09

Meditation from Zion Colony. (Bidar, India) - Greetings in Jesus name. This is Prabhakar Malge working among the children since two years. Therefore continuously pray for me and I request you to send some very importent lessions to this ID with Thanks 585226 Karnataka State India Prabhakar Malge (8/25/09)

Meditation from First church of the Naz. (Jackson Michigan) USA - I sit alone in the dark with you my Lord Asking for you to walk with me. Then in my darkness a light is lit Showing what at firts I did not see. I love to sit in a dark chroom and let God speak to me in the silence of my heart. I light a small candle and watch its flame, reach high into the darkness, just like God does in our lives. May He be doing so much in all of your lives as well. God is the ONLY way to true joy and happiness. Praise His Holy Blessed Name! God Bless, God`s Servant, Linda Winchell (3/26/09)

Feature... Rainbow Bible Club, C.S.I Church (Kummunoor Village, India) Dear friend in Christ - Please send sunday school books & painting equipment for the kids. Thank you! Yours, Francis

The Truth of the Gospel Church, Ife (Ife, Nigeria)

Sharon Fellowship Sunday School Ministry, Mohali (Punjab, India)

Our Church Website: http://www.sharonfellowshipchurchmohali.110mb.com

Open Lighthouse Door of Faith Church (Brush Prairie, Washington)

Read John Oryem's Interview on Author-me: Let us Avoid Escalating Violence (Archbishop John Baptist Odama - Uganda)

Candidates for Ordination

Bishop Antonio Menegazzo ordains three Priests for Kordofan and Darfur, Sudan

Painting of Jesus by Jenny Wren


Paintings of Jesus

by Jenny Wren



The Church is Alive in Darfur




Shalom Chuch - Kenya


Shalom Church

Nakuru, Kenya

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By DAVID C. COOK III and JENNY WREN. David C. Cook III was unable to complete his vision of a Bible story where the reader seemed to be there to actually experience events, so Jenny completed the rest before her death in 2013.

His Kimgdom Come Cover

This book views the New Testament within the Holy family, clarifying for the reader the time and place relationships among these events, most of which are often studied in isolation from each other in Bible studies. In this way, a reader may already know the stories of Lazarus, Jesus, Herod, etc. but may lack an integrated vision of how these events worked together in time and place. The book's interweaving of events, plus diligent detail in presenting culture and setting, will place a vivid memory of New and Old Testament events in the reader’s mind.

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