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World Sunday School first appeared on the Internet on May 14, 2003. Since that time, this independent website has supplied weekly graded Sunday School lessons and handouts (and, often, coloring pages) to help Sunday School teachers worldwide. We hope to help preserve the Sunday School movement which had its glory days in the 1930's. In a time when so many churches are downsizing Sunday Schools, we aim to preserve this Christian teaching to enrich the life of children and youth worldwide.

JUNIOR/ADULT LESSON - January 29, 2023

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Free Gift of God

Free Gift of God (Free Lunch)
January 29, 2023

Intro: Our Sunday school topic for today focuses on the ultimate gift of GOD and the benefits that are added to us as believers as well.

GOD Bless You All. : )

Free Gift of God (Free Lunch)

O Holy A "free lunch"? Oh yes my friend and so much more. As great as all these things I have mentioned are I have saved the very best "freebie" for last. The greatest gift imaginable is to be allowed in the presence of our Saviour, Lord, God and King for all eternity. To bask in His glory and be allowed to worship and praise Him for "His unspeakable gift"(2 Cor. 5:19). That is His greatest gift to us. It is being in the presence of His great love for us and our ability to finally once and for all time return pure love back to Him that we cannot at present fully do. As long as we are in this natural body we are hindered and prevented from attaining to pure love. When we are freed from these constraints and are clothed on by immortality (1 Cor. 15:53-54) then we can attain to the pure joy of pure love.

Now don't you agree that is truly a "free lunch"?

Written by Dwight Rhodes