Are You a Martha or a Mary?
Teacher’s Guide Page

Lesson Plan

Read Luke 10:38-42


  1. Getting to know Martha


Explain who Martha is and her personality and that she very much wants to serve the Lord.  She wants to serve Him so much that she gets distracted with service and by passes the intimacy and relationship with Him.


  1. Getting to know Mary


Explain about Mary and that she is always found at the feet of Jesus.  Healing and Maturity in Christ comes when we bow before Him and engage in Him. 


C.  Explain how service for Christ is very important but that when it becomes a source of anxiety and worry and distraction it becomes sin.  (Philippians 4:6) 


If we bypass relationship with Christ, we cannot be effective in our service for Christ. 

At His feet is where we find strength and knowledge and courage to go out and do what He has called us to do.  At the feet of Jesus is where our minds and our hearts are healed daily (1 Peter 5:6-7) 


D. Explain that God wants relationship with us as His children.  He is Father to us.  (Romans 8:16)


God wants interaction and intimacy with us as His children.  He is Father to us!  That is the most amazing gift.  Let us not become so distracted with everyday life that we forget that.  We only have a short time on this earth.  Let’s be wise and life skillfully and invest in those things which really matter and that will last forever.  We can leave behind a legacy that will bring glory and honor to our Father so that others will be drawn to Him.  Let us choose that good part that shall never be taken away.