NT Prophecy - Shipwreck!



Stranded at Sea

My brother and I used to take his "Sunfish" sailboat (a small boat with barely enough room for two) out for Sunday afternoon cruises in a bay. Once my brother got adventurous and took a friend along, going out from the bay into the sea late in the afternoon. As they cruised up the coast, darkness threatened and they realized how helpless they were. They had no idea where they were. They had no way to call home. And, if they came in to the shore, it was very likely they might choose the wrong place and be dashed to death on some rocks. They had to take a chance, on faith, and come in. The result? They landed in a rocky area, broke their mast and rudder, but landed in a public park with a telephone. They called and my mother went to pick them up. Was it luck? Or was someone else helping them?

Check Acts 27:13-44

Here was Paul, a leader in the early Christian church after the crucifixion, being transported by ship from Caesarea as a prisoner. They came to the Island of Malta in a storm but feared the landing, not knowing whether they would hit rocks on the shore. They asked Paul, who assured them they would not perish. But they feared it and delayed for a few weeks at sea. Finally they came in with great difficulty, and were safe.

Paul was absolute and confident about his prophecy. They were not. Many people doubt God's warnings, even though evidence clearly proves them. In this way, we are called to trust God, even in the face of criticism. We need to have faith.

When you finish discussing this small shipwreck, you are on the next Level - "Beached!"


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