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Did you ever hear but not really hear? Were you ever lost in the fog, like the ship that carried Paul as a prisoner? How often have you heard about a Bible character hearing God, and then you listened for God yourself? Did He talk to you? If He did, what kind of voice would He have? If you didnít hear Him, would you say there is no God?

When I was going to Sunday School, I listened but never heard God. Later, what I did notice was that I felt He was with me sometimes. Like, he gripped my chest and made me feel warm, and usually he made tears come into my eyes. More important, I kept saying to myself "I do not understand. How could this be? How could I feel this way?" Then I noticed, in the Bible, that Jesus told everyone about a prediction made many years before, by the ancient prophets, predicting that people would hear Godís message but not understand. They would see Godís kingdom but not perceive it. That was interesting, because thatís what had happened to me!


Check Matthew 13: 1-30

Jesus was telling parables by the sea. These were stories with important hidden meanings. One story was about someone who was planting wheat. The story told about how some wheat grew and some didnít. It depended on whether the seed fell where the ground was fertile enough. In the same way, He said some people are open to His word, while others are not. He gave the example of the ancient prophets, who predicted that people would hear His message but not understand it, and see the message but not discern. Itís like hearing a radio in static or driving a car in the fog. You have to pick a direction and move on. In time, He will see to it that you can see and hear with success.

When you finish studying this you are at a new level - Denial! (It canít happen here)!

The Seed Sower

the 'tallest person' one will ever see,
standing tall as in prayer on bended knee,
while Humbling Him/herself to Her/his Lord
wish to live together in one sweet accord'

why would anyone dare to judge one another
belittleing your sister, or your brother
He knows every heart yes,from where it came
He looks, He sees, ahh, He knows 'your' name

The Battle you have is yours no longer to do
God cares for His own and what they go thru'
He knows when one of the little sparrow falls
He will not be mocked, with silly 'cat-calls'

Watch the words,deeds, in all you say and do
All answers to God, seeing His Children thru'
Now this warning,it was heeded by me,long ago
now I plant His seeds, they're worthy to grow..

by inspiration
Jenny Wren
© Copyright 2003 jennywren




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