NT Prophecy - Denial!




Did a teacher, coach, friend, or parent ever give you a warning? For example, they might have said, "If you start smoking cigarettes it will be very difficult to stop." However, since you felt very confident you could stop smoking, you just went on without paying much attention to their warning. And later, when the cigarettes started costing you money, or made it harder for you to do exercise, you tried to stop and found you could not. When that happened, did you think back to the warning? Or did you simply say, "Thatís OK. I can stop, but Iíll do it tomorrow!"

That must be what Peter felt like when Jesus gave His disciples a warning. Jesus was at the Last Supper and was about to be crucified, but he warned them "One of you will deny me three times." Peter promised this would not happen, but it certainly did. And when he had denied Jesus the third time, he realized his mistake and he also realized the truth of the prophecy. How would you feel if you were Peter, a friend and disciple of Jesus, and after His death you denied knowing him? Worst still, you denied it three times, even after he had predicted you would do this?



Check Mark 14: 18 and Mark 14: 67-72

Peterís experience is like the times where you see something happening in your own behavior, but you still deny that it exists. This is a human weakness that we must work to prevent.


When you finish studying this you are at a new level - (more to come...!)


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