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God in Sandals: When Jesus Walked Among Us ISBN 1591607183 458 pages

This novel is a vivid word-portrait of Jesus. Retracing his footsteps across the pages of the Gospels, this story colorfully paints his character in depth and gives insight into the social and political times in which he lived. We meet a Jewish Jesus, a human Jesus, and an irresistible, divine Jesus. Besides the familiar characters of the Bible, a few fictional ones spark the imagination with new, insightful perspective. Through his disciples, angels, relatives, friends, and enemies, we learn what it was like to know him, giving us a sense of “being there”. Forty-five devotional-like chapters unveil God’s extravagant love, which was perfectly revealed through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This is a powerful portrayal of the man Jesus who was God eternal.

God with Us: A Walk Through the Gospels ISBN 1591607191 291 pages.


This devotional is a journey with Jesus across the pages of the Gospels. It is a contemplative, Bible study guide into the life and love of Jesus Christ. As a spiritual formation book for individual use, or for groups, this book also provides a Biblical resource for the novel, God in Sandals. Through the author’s comments and reflective questions, readers are ushered into the ancient Christian practice of meditative prayer and journaling—to imagine and reflect upon the mystery of Christ’s person—and his love. Readers are given many thoughts to ponder that awaken us to the meaning of Christ’s life. Through imagined “eyewitness” accounts of those who knew Jesus, we experience him too. As we “walk” with Jesus through his life—we see him with new eyes and we understand that God is with us, and that he came that we might intimately know him.

A free, printable group leader’s guide is available on the author’s website at www.margaretmontreuil.com


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