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World Sunday School first appeared on the Internet on May 14, 2003. Since that time, this independent website has supplied weekly graded Sunday School lessons and handouts (and, often, coloring pages) to help Sunday School teachers worldwide. We hope to help preserve the Sunday School movement which had its glory days in the 1930's. In a time when so many churches are downsizing Sunday Schools, we aim to preserve this Christian teaching to enrich the life of children and youth worldwide.

JUNIOR/ADULT LESSON - February 26, 2023

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God Sends and Giants, by CindyGirl

God Sends, and Giants
February 26, 2023

In the life of every person just like in the life of David, there are people that God sends to help us and affect our lives for a purpose and there are also those people and circumstances that satan will try to use for our demise. When we trust and obey God, we can rest assured that He will take care of us and even those things that the devil would have to destroy us, God can use for our good and for His own good purpose and glory.

GOD Bless You All. : )

God Sends, and Giants

Who is a God send? 

God sends are people that God uses to recognize and affirm His calling on our lives even when we are not aware of it.  (Many times this will be older people.)

God sends are trustworthy and safe place people.  The first God send of David’s life we will be looking at is Samuel. 

  1. Samuel
    1.  He was sent by God to anoint David as King of Israel ( 1 Samuel 16)
    2.  He was used by God as wise and Godly counsel for David ( 1 Samuel 18:19)


  1. Jonathan
    1. He was sent to David to be a true friend. (1 Samuel 18:1)
    2. Jonathan loved David as his own soul.
    3. He was someone David could trust with his very life. (1 Samuel 20: 41)
    4. Even after Jonathan died, David reached out to his son.  (2 Samuel 21:7) 
  1. Abigail
    1. She was wise counsel for David and kept him from behaving foolishly in his anger against Nabal.  (1 Samuel 25)
    2. She became David’s wife after her husband died.  (1 Samuel 25:42)


4.  Nathan

  1. He came into David’s life after David was King.
  2. He was a source of sound, timely, and Godly counsel.
  3. He was sent by God to rebuke David for his sin with Bathsheba in order to bring David to repentance to the Lord. (2 Samuel 12:1)
  1. Hushai
    1. He was a friend of David.  When David was grieving by way of the wilderness Hushai was there.  (2 Samuel 15)


  1. Joab
    1. He was a warrior and a leader
    2. He was there when David’s son Absalom Died (2 Samuel 19:5)

Giant Principles

    1. We will face giants throughout our entire lifetime in every season
    2. We will NEVER face a giant alone.  Praise the Lord, He is always with us.
    3. God will provide God sends to help us face our giants.
    4. We may not defeat every giant, but we can be forgiven when we repent and press on for the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart through Christ!