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World Sunday School first appeared on the Internet on May 14, 2003. Since that time, this independent website has supplied weekly graded Sunday School lessons and handouts (and, often, coloring pages) to help Sunday School teachers worldwide. We hope to help preserve the Sunday School movement which had its glory days in the 1930's. In a time when so many churches are downsizing Sunday Schools, we aim to preserve this Christian teaching to enrich the life of children and youth worldwide.

JUNIOR/ADULT LESSON - August 14, 2022

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When Life Quakes
August 14, 2022

Today as I type this lesson…my heart is with the people of Haiti.  We all have heard of the devastating earthquake that happened there this week.  My heart cries out to God for all those lives that have been shaken and no doubt changed by this disaster.  So many times these horrible things happen in life and we do not understand why?  All we know is that our God has a plan and good purpose.  He is in control and in His Sovereign power He only allows those things to happen in our lives that He can turn around and use for our good and His glory.  Many times we do not know why or understand but we can choose to trust Him in all things because He is faithful and true.  Through the tears and the pain, we can trust Him.  Even when we don’t feel like trusting, we can make a choice to trust because He is faithful and He will never fail.  In all things we can trust God.  Just like natural disasters and devastation on Earth, there are also devastations that happen personally and our whole lives can be shaken, turned upside down, and split wide open.  Today I want us to look at some examples of that very thing in God’s word and learn and understand that there is hope in the Lord and that when life quakes it does not have to be an ending, it can become a new beginning through Christ and His good plans.  In the quakes of life we can choose to stay in the shame, or we can become unchained through the power and grace of Almighty God!  Thank You Lord.  In Christ Jesus, there is hope!

When Life Quakes

Dear one, as you read these words, KNOW that your life quake may seem as if it will be the end of you, but IT IS NOT! God is allowing this for your own freedom and for the freedom of others that you can and will minister to due to your own understanding of this having gone through it! You can allow the devil to use this to break you, or you can allow God to use this to MOLD AND MAKE YOU!