Cents and Scents - Primary Bible Lesson

October 3, 2021



Children's World Sunday School Bible Lesson


Opening prayer: Join  together in prayer thanking Jesus for teaching us who we are as we work in His ministry and for the opportunity of humbly serving Him with a joyful heart.


Sunday School Lesson Materials:   Pennies  and Flowers - If there are enough to distribute to each child for the lesson ,this would be great - if not  a simple small fragrant bouquet on a table with two pennies will work just fine for a group lesson.  Place two index  cards in  front of each item with the CENTS  card in front of the pennies and the SCENTS card in front of the flowers.    On the back of the card with CENTS : Write the following verse: Luke 21:2  And He saw a poor widow putting in two small copper coins.  On the back of the Scents card write the following verse:  



2 Corinthians 2:15a  : For we are a fragrance of Christ to God.


Opening Discussion:  Ask the children to smell the flowers and then to describe what they smell.

Ask the children if there are smells from other things that have been around them that are not so pleasant, like spoiled milk, or garbage or too many fumes from cars. Explain to the children that the two words today sound the same when spoken and are both mentioned in The Bible.



Talk about this parable to the children:  Two small copper coins ...may be of little value to someone who is very wealthy, but what about to someone where it is all they have.  I believe this woman made a gesture of giving all without hesitation and with all of her humble heart toward the ministry of God.

For Jesus to point this out and for us to read this story from something that happened over two thousand years ago should make us realize the important truth that took place within a few moments in time.  He saw this woman as a sweet ,example of how our actions should be ,where our hearts should be with God. Do you believe this woman to be as a sweet fragrance of Christ to God ?  Is she like a flower in the Lord's hand ?   Christ chose to point out the sweetness and goodness of this woman  that most of us would fail to see around others in our lives this day ,but thankfully  Christ Jesus knows all. 


Think about this Bible lesson this week: Can you be as a sweet flower unto God ?   Oh yes. Yes you can . Children especially are able to do this . Be giving, be prayerful, be thoughtful , be helpful to another- be the sweet example that God knows you can be.  Talk about things you can do that will bless others and bless the Lord.        

Think about Scents and cents and serve with joyfulness!

Before ending the group, everyone should  say this verse together out loud:  


  For we are a fragrance of Christ to God.    Corinthians 2:15a 
 Amen .  May God richly bless all of you .