Dear brothers & sisters in the lord,

Many greetings from our Sunday school ministry in Pakistan.

First of all I would like to say you thanks for all the prayer support for the Sunday school children programmed on dated 28 Nov 2009, we held two different areas. Sunday school children programmed in sing song for The Lord. They also did some dramas at the end of the program. All the and children get gifts all the children are very happy.

Two children sharing their views:

1)My name is Najma. I am very happy to participate in this programm. I learned many new things through this programme and this is first time that we have this programme. We also get gifts thanks for your all the support.

2) My name is Sharoon, I belong to Multan Sunday school center, I am very much happy to participate in this program that sister Naomi shared the story about the beginning. I am so much blessed through this story. I also get gift. We have desire to have a program like this again. Please you also encourage us.

I have a prayer request,

Next month we have an X.MAS children programm. In different areas there are almost 500 children who will be participating in these progammes. We want to bless all the children with gifts and food. Please pray that The Lord will provade for them everything. 

God blessings on all of you.

Your sister in the lord, Pastor Naomi Sarfraz