The Winds of Change





The winds of change
Have begun to gently blow
For now, it is easy to stand
      I lift my eyes to heaven
      And whisper a child's plea
      Heavenly father, what is in store for me?
    Will the changes coming stay as they are?
Or will the storm grow stronger
Causing pain in our hearts?
Will my faith be tested?
In your eyes, will I be found true?
My spirit has been stirred
My mind is beginning to whirl
Hold my hand, Lord
Hold on tight...
For without you, what am I?
I am weak, where you are strong
Your are everything that is good and right
I am human and often wrong
With each day that comes
I awaken still lost
Until I pray, wait and listen
Until you whisper much needed guidance
Any step I take would be for naught
Yes, the winds of change are blowing
I feel  them on my face
Tomorrow is in your hands, Lord
You've already taken care of today


-- Tammy Hornbeck