Paintings of Christ by Jenny Wren



A Jenny wren paints;

This picture was painted near Easter 1969
 in Florida. I had just truly given my life to him 
all of a sudden;  i had a desire to paint what i felt 
about him,by the time i finished this painting
i was crying my heart out have had pain from 
dislocations . i knew the kreel his poor arms 
had to be in that day even today when i look at
the picture i did it breaks my heart anew
the only way i could consol my self was
 to paint  another picture ,this time it was joy ;
the picture below  
"the beaconing Lord" 
which had resurrected 
from the tomb.


<> Result of Love,<>
(by jennywren)
Leaving the splendor of Heaven so fair
to live on this earth as a King unaware
There He's rejected by people, His own
a destined infant, crucified when grown
How could this King love me that much
Him whose garment I'm not fit to touch
reality of knowing broke a stony heart
Here inside my Soul, He tore sin apart
When I was revived A new woman am I
still needing answers I ask him "why"
His great Holy Spirit fills me from above
giving me the answer " it's simply, love!"
He's my shepherd, He is Jesus, my Lord
he cares much for me, now He is adored
finding this old lamb, who is unfit to love
I believe in Jesus, who come from above
Daily to green pastures where I now feed
being wrapped in safety His voice I heed
in this flock I now gather stay at His feet
so secure in knowledge of enemies defeat
yes, Love has covered a multitude of sin
by sacrificial blood washed from within
my fount overflows on to the clear page
Finding a hidden talent, I'll be His Sage..