What did Jesus Look Like?

Junior Level


Our Sunday school topic for today focuses on the how Jesus appeared to others in his day. The way Jesus lived His life bore witness to the words He spoke. Good looks would have been a hindrance and a temptation to many and God was looking for those who would trust what was on the inside of Him and not what was on the outside.


Handout: What did Jesus Look Like?


  1. Ask the students - What do you think Jesus looked like?
  2. Ask the students - How do you feel about this description?

    Jesus was a Jew. He had dark hair and dark eyes and His skin almost certainly would have been darker than the Caucasian man usually portrayed. What strikes me and has bothered me for years is that almost every picture you have seen of Jesus Christ is that of a long haired, usually blue eyed, well proportioned, good looking man that women would swoon over. Jesus did not look like a 60's flower child or hippie.

  3. Does it really matter how Jesus looked?
  4. Should Jesus look like a movie star? Is that why we should worship him?
  5. What does the Bible say?
  6. Describe the importance of Jesus' mission - to live a life that was free of sin and do what man could not do.
  7. Challenge students to serve others in humility this week
  8. Prayer


Bring a drawing of Jesus to class for the students to discuss. If possible, bring several versions.


Look at how people fawn over movie stars and their sports heroes. Look at the ones that achieve stardom.
Almost all will have that beautiful body and face. Their hair will be beautiful and the aura around them
will fairly scream: "I'm somebody"!



     What did Jesus look like ?

What did Jesus look like
I mean for real
Was He tall, blue eyed
Like all the pictures reveal

He must have been tall
To stick out in a crowd
With brown hair, blue eyes
He must have really stuck out

When all others had
Black hair and dark eyes
No wonder people were attracted to Him
He was so tall He could be seen over the crowds

The popular European image
It was better that he looked like them
Since He was Jewish
Who could identify with Him

The Bible says no images
This will not be allowed
It was about the message
That was the purpose, no camera's allowed

Jesus looked like the common man
Easily lost in the crowd
No one special, just a man
A young Jewish man in the crowd

Remember Judas
One of the twelve
He had to betray Jesus
With a kiss to point Him out

Nothing special
This common man
He Is Our Salvation
He is the Saver of man