What Would Jesus Do?

Lesson Plan

As I pondered the very popular phrase, "what would Jesus do?", the Lord took me on a wonderful journey of discovery of who He is to me and who I am to be to those who cross my path of life -a friend indeed ...

What Would Jesus Do?

This question, thrown out there time and time again…
“What would Jesus do?”

The answer is and always will be in the answer yet to this…
“What has Jesus done?”

When I am down He sits with me and cries with me and then He wipes my tears away.

When I am joyous He sings and dances and laughs with me until I can sing and dance and laugh no more.

When I am cruel and selfish and full of pride He comes to me and gently shows to me the better way.
His rod and staff - they comfort me.

When fear sweeps over me like a fire raging deep within the forest;
He sends His rain of peace to put the fire out.

When I go where I should not, He goes there too, so I will not go alone -
He is my Lamp to show me back to the security of Home.

When He uttered the words, “It is finished”, what had He done to say it so?

Ah, yes - He died upon that Cross with the burden of my sin upon His soul;
Then Life from Heaven came and washed that sin away -
Therein Faith conceived to be born in you and born in me!

What has Jesus done?
Why, He has been my Friend.
Have I been His?! - I pray so ‘til the end !!!

Herein lies the evidence - your answer to this alone…

Have I been yours?

What would Jesus do? He would do what He has done.

So, I am off to do what He would do, in as much as we are one.

by Jody R Goode 12/24/99- Click here to visit her site

Poetry Corner

Gifts of Charity

Lord, open up my eyes to see
Your purpose and your plan
Take hold my hand and lead me to
The hungry of this land.

When I can see someone in need
And know I can do more
Open my mind to understand
The way to help the poor.

By giving freely to others
Your love I can then share
From heart-to-heart, love is passed
A voyage of true care.

Lord, open to me a window
An opportunity
To make a difference while I’m here
With gifts of charity.

Julie's Poetry- Click here to visit her site

Julie Pisacane ©

1 Timothy 1:5
Now the end of the commandment is charity
out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience,
and of faith unfeigned: