Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone, by Cindygirl

Lesson Plan

I think most people who read the Bible are familiar with the story of Peter, one of JESUS' disciples walking on water with JESUS.  I heard Joyce Meyer teach on this some months ago and the LORD led me to continue this lesson for myself.  HE showed me several more things and scriptures as I further continued.  It's always so amazing how GOD knows exactly what our soul needs and day by day if we seek HIM.  HE leads us in the direction that will lead us into the life and into the plan that HE has for us.
In Matthew 14:22-33, we find that Jesus had just been with a multitude of people and had sent the disciples ahead of Him and he went to a mountain to be alone with the Father and to pray. Now when it became night, the disciples were still in the ship and Jesus comes to them walking on the water.  They are frightened thinking it's a spirit and cry out in fear but Jesus says to them, be happy, don't be afraid.  It's me, Jesus.  Then Peter says to Jesus, LORD, if it is really you, then let me walk on the water with you.  Jesus tells Peter to come to him.  Peter gets out of the boat where he feels safe and begins walking on the water to Jesus, however Peter takes his eyes off Jesus and begins to see the waves and feel the boisterous wind and he begins to be afraid and starts sinking.  He then cries out to Jesus, LORD SAVE ME!  Immediately Jesus stretches out his powerful hand to Peter, catches him, and says Peter, why did you begin to doubt?  Together they went back to the ship and the wind stopped. Then those people that were in the ship came and worshipped Jesus and said it's true! YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD!
FATHER, I pray this touches all the hearts and minds of those who read, and that they follow you and take steps to leave comfort zones and reach new heights in your will and plan for their lives.  I ask you to help me continue to follow you and make progress in my own life.  Day by day, step by step. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN.

Cindygirl 2008