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Lesson Plan

I have just been thinking back about when I was a girl, growing up. My twin brother Danny and I running around here without a care in the world. oh my goodness. I didn't know how precious that time was then, but I do now. I remember the first time I went fishing. My dad made me a fishing pole out of a little tree branch. He tied some fishing line on the end of it and put a hook on it for me, and he took us walking down the dirt road behind our house where we came to a small pond.  After some time passed, my brothers were catching fish and I was watching them standing there with my fishing pole and my line in the water. With no clue of what I was doing. I hadn't caught anything, and I wanted to catch a fish so bad, (and throw it back in of course. I wanted it to live, (smiles). In my mind I kept praying, please, please, please, just one? I just wanted to catch one fish.

I kept pulling my line out of the water to check it, and my dad would say let me make sure the bait is still on there and he would toss it back in the water as I was watchin my brothers. Then after trying so hard for so long, suddenly, I felt a tug at my line! I pulled my line out of the water and there to my surprise was a tiny fish on the hook. I was so excited. I jumped up and down screaming and laughin with excitment. My brothers congratulated me and my dad just kept saying wow winnie,(his nickname for me) it's a big one! You did so well. I was so excited and proud...(in reality, the fish was like maybe 2 or 3 inches long, a wee bit of a fish, haha, but it looked like a WHOPPER to me and my little eyes! My dad took it off the hook and threw it back into the water and I watched it swim away. I will never forget that day.

Then, a few years ago. My brothers and I all grown up, my twin brother and I were talking about when we were young and we began thinking back to my first fishing experience. Still feeling so proud, I was bragging that I had caught a fish the very first time I tried. My brother started laughing he said "Cindygirl, you didn't catch that fish, while you were watching me, dad had already caught that little tiny fish and pretended to be checking your hook for the bait, and he secretely  put the fish he caught on your hook to make you think you caught it and to make you happy. He threw your line back in the water, with the fish hooked to it, then in a few seconds he told you to check it again.  You thought you caught it. I was surprised at this news, but we laughed about it for a while.

All that time had gone by and I never knew what my dad had done for me that day. How sweet. That day has always been special to me, but after my brother told me what had really happened, it is even more special now, and it will always be in my memory. What a wonderful gift from GOD, memories. Some can be heartbreaking, but I think that most of them are wonderful treasures. How blessed we are, with memories.  I think about my dad understanding how badly I wanted to catch a fish that day, and wanting so much to make me happy. How much more our HEAVENLY FATHER is with HIS little children. I thought about all the times the LORD puts "fishies" (or special blessings) on my hook when I am not even aware of it.  All the times He watches over me and keeps me safe from danger when I'm not even aware of it. The gifts he gives us like family and friends. Those days that we feel down and someone just smiles or says a kind word that lifts our spirits, those are little fishes our our line that our Father in Heaven give to us to make us happy. What a wonderful and beautiful FATHER we have.  Matthew 7: 11 - If you, then though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your FATHER in Heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!

When we learn to enjoy and be thankful for the "small things in life," which when you really think about it aren't really that small and turn out to be the most important. We realize just how blessed we are. I hope you think about the wonderful memories that you have, and I hope that it makes your heart happy, and your face smile. We may not know one another in person, but we are family in Christ and I love you all and just want you to know that you are fishies, the special blessings, that GOD sweetly has put on my hook, and I am so thankful. GOD bless you all.  I leave you with this thought.  How many "fishies" or special blessings does our Father put on your hook everyday even when you are not aware?

Special Blessings          Special Blessings          Special Blessings