Chapter 3

Sins of Mankind

by Jenny Wren


Someone asked me to tell in my own words how I see what I read in Genesis? And how did it look to my mind’s eye? So, as somewhat of a writer (with a vivid imagination)… about the scene I vision when earth and creation first began…

Chapter 3
Sins of Mankind

1st Adam is created of the Earth and is called 'man' ..

by taking a part of man from Adam , God then created a mate for Adam out of Adam himself.

"Male and female created he them.

God called THEIR name ADAM "= (Gen 6;

(while the 2nd Adam was sent to us from the Lord Heaven
[1Cor. 15:47]

His name is to be Immanuel which means 'God with us,'

We will tell of Jesus coming to earth later in this story,

but for now)


It seems that the whole of creation from God is combined ,

using the first and second of choice in the mind of God,.

just as the first man, who was created by our Father,

Molding him in the image of the Father God, himself

As you know when you look inside of a mirror

you can only see an 'image of yourself,'

the image has no feeling like you have,

it is like a 'picture of yourself' that moves.

we are each molded in the image, the shape of God...

He seemed to fare pretty well,

until temptation from 'that old snake, Satan '

(who ruled the earth since the time of being thrown out of heaven

by God himself along with his whole third of the angels

and who had been brainwashed into believing

that Satan could actual usurp God in his mighty rule.)

Man and women both

seemed to gravitate toward doing the wrong thing

in their thoughts and actions ,

after they had gone against the law of God

and yielded to the temptation of going against the word of God,

who had not given too many orders to Adam.

But the ones he did give to him

he, God, expected mankind to keep. .

Only a few orders, but enough that He along with his mate Eve

tasted and ate of the 'forbidden fruit' of the Garden,

God was upset at them.

He saw now that they also knew right from wrong

(after they had eaten the fruit from the tree of good and evil ,

the evicted Satan had fooled them into believing that God

did not tell them the truth about dying

if they ate of the trees God forbade them to eat.

The devil swore to them, "you will not die,

God just knows you will be smart like him." snarled Satan.

Man had only heard words from God and no one person.

So they believed him when he lied to them

and of course, they ate heartily of, the delicious fruit.)

Upon entering the garden later God had to call his creations out of


They were ashamed

because the naked truth stood there in front of God

with fruit on their face in guilt.

God had to hurry and evict them from the garden

before they got hold of the "Tree of Life's "fruit".

God knew that if they ate from that tree

You see?,

Man would no longer be able to live forever and never die,

Yes, Man would live forever just as God has lived.

As you already know, God has always been ,

He will always be. .

God is eternal. He is a spirit and that spirit is love.

Yes , Adam and Eve were cast forth from the garden.

Angels with flaming swords stood on guard, with orders

to keep them out of ever entering again, because from that day,

a curse was placed upon Adam and Eve,

and all future generations.

They would have to labor for everything

they ever received from the earth , or each other.

There would be real pain in childbirth for the woman.

She would have to labor like the man to live.

The man would have to labor long and hard

to support his wife and children

in all generations to come.

Yes life would be hard on them.

The earth itself was even cursed by God.

Yes, cursed to grow many thorns and thistles

to make living from the land hard,

for God's created mankind.

Some of God's created animals were then killed.

This saddened God because he even sees and knows

when the little sparrow falls dead to the ground.

God is in control of all life.

The skin was removed to place a covering over the sins pf Adam and Eve

(the first sacrifice for sin, in mankind)

from some of Gods precious created animals.


A few years' time passed by.

Soon the voices of children filled the air upon the Earth.

Cain and Abel were born to these two creations, Adam and Eve.

Next the population in just a little while doubled

as two soon made four.

Jealousy reared its ugly head

when Cain and Abel were grown and started,

sacrificing to the Lord.

They each had prospered and were taught by their parents,

to tithe a good portion back to the lord

of what the Lord provides

which is really everything,

because all creation belongs to the lord.

What we receive of it is blessings to start with.

A blood sacrifice was given by Abel

which satisfied the Lord, to cover the forgiveness

(in exchange for sins, for awhile)

Abel had brought the fattest and first babies of his animals

for giving to the lord.

The Lord blessed Abel and his future generations ..

Abel was a shepherd,

Cain worked the earth for a living

He proudly carried a sacrifice of his labor to the lord

An earthly sacrifice of vegetables grown from earth

was given by Cain, (he was a farmer).

The sacrifice was rejected by the Lord .

Cain was in a jealous rage over Abel.

Cain caught Abel out by himself and killed him.

God found this out, because the blood of Abel

cried out from the ground for revenge.

God then placed a curse upon Cain,

'marking' him for all times

all his generations, to come,

leaving us

with the knowledge that sin truly does not pay.

indeed good and evil abounds

even to the beginning of each different generation.

reminding this writer of a pebble stone ,

tossed into a tranquil pond of serene water

watching the 'rippling effects'

as it circles out from all sided

into each generation to come.

You see, when one gives homage to the Lord,

God sees the intentions of the heart ,

He knew that on down in the generations of both of these men,

lay the results of good and evil,

that had started in the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve soon had a third son named Seth.

We can see here the foretelling of the first works of God,

bringing mankind back to himself, as He finally does

through 'sacrifice for sin' through God's own son, Jesus Christ.

We see good and evil,

from the very beginning of Genesis

to the last verse of Revelations.

for every positive,

there is a negative.

Jesus was a man from God,

Adam was a man of earth.

What is from God is God.

What is from man is man.

Only a 'God-sacrifice 'can

undo a God-given curse,

for the sins of mankind. .)


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