The Lord Creates Paul, out of Saul

Acts 9-13

  1. Saul has been persecuting the followers of Jesus

  2. God appears to him in a blinding light, asking "Why persecutest thou me?"

  3. Saul is blinded

  4. After three days God calls Ananias to go to Saul

  5. When Ananias arrives, the scales fall from Saul's eyes

  6. Barnabas takes Saul to the Apostles

  7. Saul, later called Paul, becomes an ardent preacher for Jesus

Can you possibly put yourself in the shoes of Saul? try picturing this...

You and your friends are traveling on that hot day on the road to Damascus. Just try to imagine the feeling that Saul (who had tortured and cause the deaths of many Christians while Jesus was upon the earth living as man/God) had.

On the Road, Saul had an encounter with the once dead and now still Living Jesus Christ. I have to laugh as I think of how he was so rudely awakened from all of that hate for Christians that had filled His whole being. I thought of the evil pangs and hurts he had done to the Christians. Here is Saul this day having to eat crow., AHHH yes, He knew right away 'who'it was that had just struck Him down and blinded Him as He lay upon the byway that day.

It was the Lord who could have easily killed Him there that day but did not. Jesus could have taken the thorn that pierced and hurt him so badly (all of the rest of His life.) But the Savior is well known for His Mercy for Sinners and this man Saul was, as he attests himself later in his writings , the chief of sinners.

Yet this is the old man named Saul, who was about to come out of this experience with a new outlook from his blind eyes, on his own life. He this day is to do a totally complete turnaround.

Indeed Saul, one of the main persecutors of the Christians, is to become the Chief of the new movement for the Gentiles. Can you picture this? Such forgiveness was meted out to Saul, and there he asked "What is it Lord you would have me do in humble adoration?"

At that moment Saul felt a change taking place within his raunchy old body and He experienced knowing the Lord personally, for the first time. And there Saul was reborn again,
I do believe this was a force stronger than that wicked Saul had ever thought could be.

He actually felt the Love of God as it flooded his mind, soul, seart, spirit. Yes His total being and the old mean man Saul died out that day, to Love. Ah, but Paul, the new man came out of this ordeal a changed man, with 'a new man', living inside of Him, had suddenly taken rule of His life. This born again man's name was named Paul, with infirmities and all.

But this same man learned to praise God in each and every infirmity He ever had. He wrote the Gospels from God's own words spoken into his ears, to let the Gentiles know of the Lord's salvation plan that is now, also, offered to them, to who-so-ever will come to know the Lord.

There, from the confines of imprisonments, he worked harder at trying to do 'for' the Lord, preaching and teaching as the Holy Spirit gave Him unction to do. Before, while living as Saul, he had worked harder than he had ever worked at trying to 'tear down' the Gospel.

I admire this Pastor, this leader of the Gentiles and I, myself, like Paul, have had many disorders in my body and diseases and hurts. And yet I praise God in my own many infirmities. I have discovered that The Holy Spirit of God is working with me, all of the way. in the valleys and on the mountain tops, wherever my life seems to be at any given moment.

It is so good to Know the Lord Never changes, that He is no respecter of people (caring more for one than the other, never!) We are each equal and unique in our own ways, and we are each loved as special creations, made by and for the Lord to work through, on this earth.


It is a fact that God has never changed. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow will still be Lord.

Yes, I praise God for my Salvation and for the chance to try and lead more people to the Lord. I will lift my Savior high as long as I am permitted to do this little duty for my Lord. I will use the talent He has given to me to work through for this purpose.

May God be with one and all and show himself to the many. As He did to this one time sinner. Just as He did with one vile unbeliever, named Saul, who was reckoned with on the Road to Damascus one hot sunny day so long, long ago.

May the Peace of God rest in your Soul...forever.

and May He bless and calm your Spirit...

...jenny wren

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Praising God, Even in Infirmities,
by Jenny wren. June 6,03'
The Lord Creates Paul, out of Saul