Quiet Confidence


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QUIET CONFIDENCE ~~Written by Jody Goode

There is a peace that only comes from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ in the way which He desires ~ intimately and One on one. I call it quiet confidence.

You have been through the rough waters, over the rocky terrain and ventured to the joyous mountaintops of this life. Life continues and He is there to share with you every moment, just as He promised.

You no longer have to ponder the question, "Where will I spend eternity ~ in Heaven or in Hell?" ~ both of which you know exist. In the depths of your heart and soul you know that eternal life with your Creator became possible through the shed blood and resurrection of the God/Man Jesus Christ and became reality the moment you received the gift of grace and salvation offered only through Him.

Commitment to your Lord comes easy because as you have walked with Him you have discovered, though you may have strayed at times, He has never failed you nor misguided you.

Father really does know best.

You are convinced the Lord Jesus Christ is no liar, He is just who He claims to be ~ God and Savior of all and the only One truly worthy of your complete trust and faith.

You have found His Word to be undeniable truth, not fallacy, and when meditated upon, new life and energy become yours. Though the world goes on around you, you carry on day after precious day in His Name with that very special...

...quiet confidence.

Written by Jody Goode

Inside My Heart

In the middle of night, silence can be heard.
A place in time, without saying a word.
Others lay dreaming the night away.
You are near, hearing words I pray.
Sensing you ,though not in sight,
Feel you in the deep of night.
Your presence is made clear.
I know you are here.
Inside my heart.
Never apart.

Written by Julie Pisacane

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