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Luke 21:13 And it shall turn to you for a testimony.

As I kneel here before You this morning, humbly aware that I fall short and kneel before Sovereignty, I not only kneel my body before You, but my life, every hope, every dream, every vision, every desire, every disappointment, every tear, every loved one, every fear, every smile, every memory. And they all fade away in Your presence.

You alone are God. And the more I look at You, Your strength, Your power and might, Your will and dominion, Your perfection, the more I see how human and frail and imperfect I am. Without You, I am nothing but a grain of sand, a filthy dishrag. But with You, I can do all things, believe all things, endure all things, hope for all things.

It has suddenly become another weak hour for me as I watch my loved ones’ lives being shaken. But I haven’t forgotten what I learned in my most weakened hour; When I am weak, then am I strong. I become strong when I am weakened because it is then that I most depend on Your love and compassion, the same love and compassion that took You to the cross. If You would lay Your life down for me out of love, (and You did) then that love is more than enough to carry me through these hours of weakness. So I bring this hour to You, here on my knees, and lay it at Your feet, in the same place that I lay me down.

According to Your Word, Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. I want to make an exchange with You. I want to cast all my cares upon You and take Your yoke upon myself. I can’t do that by myself, but I know I can do it with You. I don’t even know where to start. So I ask You to just take them. Take them all.

My burdens often lay heavy on my shoulders. But I know they are very small for You. Your Word tells me that the earth is Your footstool. How big Your hands must be! And how small my burdens must be in those holy hands. You are so much more capable of carrying them than I am. This is my desire, that I might be raised up in this hour without the weight of my burdens, that I might successfully cast them upon You. It isn't something that I can do alone. But I know that I can do so with You. And I know that You are more than able to carry them all.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Note: I often wonder about writing these things out... about having such conversation with the Lord in anything but my “closet,” my “secret place.” Yet, even as I worked out this conversation with the Lord in writing, my phone rang. It was good news. A great burden has been lifted from my family. I am in awe at how things have turned full circle just since I began to pray and type. And perhaps there’s a good reason that I sometimes feel like I need to just work these things out in writing...

The Word of God calls us more than conquerors. (Romans 8:37) However, it is by the blood of the Lamb AND the word of OUR TESTIMONIES that we overcome. (Revelation of John 12:11) Our tongues and the words that fall from them {our testimonies} are so much more powerful than we imagine they are when combined with God’s Word and acknowledgment of the shed blood of Christ. I simply could not have known that phone call was coming through. Couldn't have believed for it. Couldn't have imagined it.

Perhaps someone else is in need today, in need of a lightening of loads and a testimony to God‘s sovereignty. I truly stand in awe at this moment. How wonderful it is to serve a God that is alive and well, compassionate and kind, and ever ready to hear our cries. Amazing... the God of miracles... still the same, yesterday, today, forever. And we can all cast every one of our cares upon Him.

Whatever you might be carrying today, whether worry, shame, guilt, fear... anything at all, won‘t you too ask the Lord to take it from you? He is most willing and able to carry whatever it is we surrender to Him and in return, leave us with His peace... a very easy yoke indeed, and His love... a very light burden indeed.

What is meant for our harm, God works out for our good; Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Luke 21:13 And it shall turn to you for a testimony
Praise God!

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