Like a Virus

Like a Virus

A Safety Check

An impetuous idea can filter into your thought
there it is searching for a place to 'glue'
Sometimes the mind doesn't think as it aught
by letting a filthy concept break through

Like a computer virus it can damage the soul
it's intentional evil to crash Christian drive
Destruction of God's Child is Satan's main goal
tempts and prods us as long as we're alive

God check me for an evil unconscious thought
open my inner eyes, for this Child to 'see'
with the repentant heart that you have bought
I have brought my thinking, out to Thee

Search this heart Lord, through and through
if there be one evil, unconscious thought
There replace pure love that comes from you
convict and rebuke that 'evil' you caught

Lord fill the caverns of the new empty space
that hides inside of this impaired mind
place your Hold Spirit, by Astounding Grace
fill to overflow all the places you find

My Lord's just and sure, He uniquely forgives
all the evil and filth, yes, God can see
He'll remember His promises long as we live
'One' promised 'forgiveness' to...even me.

Jenny Wren

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