Leah's Perspective

Lesson Plan

Leah's Perspective

Today's handout and lesson plan will be coming from Genesis, chapter 29 in the Bible.  It is a story about a woman who suffers heartbreak, rejection, and who spends a lot of her years depending on her husband for happiness.  In the lesson to follow this handout, we will learn and see the following:


Like Leah, sometimes in life when times are hard, and we are in pain or suffering, we cannot understand why.  However, if we choose to go on
everyday leaning on the Lord for strength and help, He will always be there and will never let his children down.  Sometimes our circumstances
are hard to bear, and maybe we are living in pain through no fault of our own.  We cannot change our circumstances sometimes, but praise the LORD we
ask Him to change our hearts and to help us choose to be happy and choose to praise Him no matter where we are or how we feel.  We have the free will
to be happy and trust the Lord with all our hearts and keep that hope in our hearts knowing that God has a plan and He will never make us go through anything
unnecessary or that will be harmful to us, He is faithful to make the joy and peace far out weigh the pain and heartache.  Trust Him.  Hallelujah, Praise Him Always!

Dear Heavenly Father, please touch the hearts of all who read and hear this word from you.
Let us feel your love and teach us to always be thankful for all that you do
and all that you are...our EVERYTHING...
We praise You.

(In Jesus Name...Amen)

June 17, 2018

Leah's Perspective