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The Joyful Sound

Psalm 89:15 Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance.
Thumbing through my Bible and looking for "tidbits" that would speak to my heart I read this verse and went on. I went a few verses further and found myself returning to the thought expressed in the verse. "Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound". The implication of the verse is that there is a sound which when recognized brings joy and brings the cognizant person into the light of the countenance of the Lord.

Meditating on the verse led me to ask the question of myself: Do I know a sound that has brought me joy? The answer was a definite yes but the answer wasn't singular. There have been many sounds that I knew that brought joy to my soul. The sounds of the voices of loved ones I have been apart from brings joy to me when I hear their voices again.

The voices of my grandchildren bring joy to me. The sounds of things that were familiar to me as a child which have not been heard for a long time bring a wistful joy to my soul. There are other things that could be brought to mind by continued pondering but these things do not put me into the presence of Jesus that I might be in the light of His countenance. The verse speaks of a sound that is recognized by the hearer and brings that person into the light of the countenance of the LORD.

The first sound that brought that kind of joy to me was the inner voice of God calling to me in assurance that I was His child. I had first heard another voice that put dread and fear into me and that was the voice of God calling me to repentance. It was a terrible voice yet at the same time it was telling me that there was no need to fear if I would heed the voice. Once I had heeded and obeyed the first voice the next still small voice brought peace to my soul and then a radiation of joy from deep within that I could scarcely contain. Joy unspeakable and full of glory. Oh what a wonderful sound and I knew it.
Since that time so long ago there have been many a sound that I knew that brought me into the presence of the light and countenance of God. Songs of praise and glory to my Redeemer that bring wonderful joy to my soul and a closeness to God that I don't ever want to draw back from. There have been times when I have heard the sound through the preached word of God. Calling forth the unity of the reborn soul to it's maker. Again a wonderful joy has been evoked. Summoned from the depths of the heart and soul into an integration with the Spirit of God. Wonderful, joyous and expressed in love, awe and wonder toward my Maker. Yes I know the sound.

All of the sounds mentioned above are wonderful. I know them. I am however listening and waiting for another sound that I have never heard before. It is a sound that has been promised by God and I'm sure I will know it when it sounds. I am also sure that it will bring me ecstatic joy and place me in the light of the countenance of Almighty God. It is a sound that will wake the dead (1 Cor. 15:52) and call the Saints of God to the side of Jesus. It is the sound of a trumpet and the voice of the Archangel of God (1 Thess. 4:16-17) which will sound out the clarion call; COME UP HITHER! (Rev. 4:1, 11:12) It is the sound of the call to enter through the portals of glory into the place of magnificent harmonic sounds of praise, worship and joyful singing accompanied by the heavenly instruments. (Rev. 14:2)

There may be someone reading this who will doubt and think within themselves; "How can you be so sure. How can you know?" In answer to that let me just say that if you have what I have you too know. You too have heard the sound that brought joy and a closeness to God that can't be denied. If you have never had this knowledge and joy then you are truly in a sad state and need to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Ask Him to come to you and speak to you. He will first give you a knowledge that you must come to Him. The voice will speak to you of the necessity of repentance and acceptance of Jesus sacrifice on Calvary. When you hear and obey this voice then you will know the voice that brings joy to you. Then you also can say with me "Believe me. I know!"

Presented By Brother Dwight Rhodes


Great Sounds

We have heard a river flowing
Over stones with abundant life
Babbling stories for the knowing
While drowning out the noise of strife.

We have heard the mighty thunder
A supreme warning to the ear
Sending us to hide well under
Safe shelter, secure and near.

We have heard the full Word of God
While it travels from place to place
Hymns rise up from the ground we trod
Songs of faith and amazing grace.

Sounds in the present, remind us
Of what is on the horizon
Listen to the voice of Jesus
Gentle call of the Divine One .

When we hear the sound of the trumpet
Believers will rejoice and sing
Our faith is absent of regret
At the approaching of our King.

Our hearts will sing a new song
Our tears will fall no more
For True Light will shine among those
Who heard and obeyed The Door.

Julie Pisacane © 2007

Revelation 4:1
After this I looked, and, behold, a door was
opened in heaven:and the first voice which
I heard was as it were of a trumpet
talking with me; which said,
Come up hither, and I will shew thee
things which must be hereafter .

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