I Don’t Want To…But For You LORD…I’ll Try

July 10, 2016

Lesson Plan

I Don't Want to, but for you, by CindyGirl

For You LORD…I’ll Try

Walking along life’s path happily,
when up ahead suddenly, a mountain I see.
It looks so big, it looks so tall,
I’m scared to climb it, afraid I’ll fall.

I begin to fear, and then I pray,
LORD, I can’t do it, please make another way?
No, you Must climb it, I hear His voice,
 just trust Me now, make the right choice.

I’ll never leave you.  I’ll help you through,
but understand Dear one, it won’t be easy for you.
You will have to keep going, there’s no place to stop…
But I’ll lead your footsteps all the way to the top.

I’ll pull you closer to Me, with each passing day…
But the choice is yours, now what do you say?

With a voice so low and trembling I reply…
I really don’t want to…but for You LORD…I’ll try.

Written by: Cindygirl
July 10, 2016

God Bless You :O))