God's New World

by Jenny Wren


Someone asked me to tell in my own words how I see what I read in Genesis? And how did it look to my mind’s eye? So, as somewhat of a writer (with a vivid imagination)… about the scene I vision when earth and creation first began…

God's New World

If you can picture this in your mind, think:
I am the biggest and I am the smallest thing in this world. I can be
weak or I can be strong. I am all powerful. I can be anything I wish
as I proved to Moses when I burned as a flame in a bush and it
was not hurt I NEVER DEVOURED IT, not one leaf on it.

I am God.

I decided to make man in my image when I created the earth in
its self-contained atmosphere, I leave 'no image' because I am spirit (like the air). I am here, there and everywhere I am all over creation, I am the all in all, I can even be 'nothing' if I elect myself to be, I am spirit. I am love. Ah yes, you see? I am God over all things I am omniscient and omnipresent,

I have always been and I shall always be.

I created man out of earthen clay, molding with my own hands. Then I breathed the breath of life with my word. I spoke all other matters into the universe. But man was to be a 'special made' subject, with (a little of myself) just one spark of my spirit inside of him.

With this accomplished, MAN stood before my eyes. He arose on his own and walked; I corresponded with him. I gave him wisdom, and then I made him fall sleep and took a part of him and made a mate for him.

Man, like all of my other living organisms, has self contained seeds of themselves inside of them to reproduce in ‘like’ manner.

Before I conjured up the idea of making man, there was this longing inside of my own being. All of the company I had was angels (I created them), some great, some small. They loved and praised me; I made them do this. They were programmed. Not so with man because I wanted love that is 'free-flowing' to me, with no strings attached, just as I love my creation and mankind.

So I made mankind in my own image. Of course man was of an image and not the real thing ( just as a doll-baby is not a baby, to your child). When man did what I told him not to do (which I had planned on), even tho' I made it easy on him, a garden to tend and animals to care for and a beautiful earth for him to care for. Man experimented, and soon disobeyed me by learning good
from evil and he seemed to gravitate to evilness, as one of my angels. A trusted one decided to 'take rule of all things from me.' Battle ensued. I cast him to earth with all of his followers, about a third of my angels who had been brainwashed into defying me.

I' had' to place a curse upon man and the earth, on which he lived.
Finally, after years and years of man’s sin thriving... I had to do something.

I caused a flood to cover the earth and drowned all but one family.
Noah had been faithful to me, so I rewarded his family to live.

Man's years passed quickly, and for a while it seemed all was going to be better and then I finally decided that they had suffered with their own doings, enough to 'pay' for much of their own crimes against me. So I had a child named Moses of my choosing go to free my people who had been taken into slavery by the Egyptians.

I tried all matters of ways to get man to do as I wished; very few did. Abraham was promised by me to one day reign with me over many. I made a covenant with him to that effect. Abraham was my friend. I loved him and Sari, even gave to them a precious child in their old age. Yes my Abraham was a great father
who fathered many...why his seeds are as sand upon the beach, just as I promised him in the beginning of our friendship so many years ago.

When I promised salvation to him and his seed...

My image for real was finally created through a virgin named Mary, a kin of my friend David who wrote songs of praise for and to me. You know, I love to hear that young man sing and play on the palestry. I gave to him a gift of prophesy and he would sing of the future and not even realize it. He even sang of his future seed, who would save the world. I furnished words to fill his mind and the beautiful psalms come forth in his musician’s songs. David sang to my heart and my heart was gladdened ..

These my psalms are still sung until this day by some of my children. Yes now I have many children.....who have accepted my son Jesus whom I had sent to free them from the curse that I had placed upon them and the earth.

I knew it would be a great happening and I did it. I went as a seed into the womb of a young virgin and grew there as a baby boy, named Emmanuel. He was born just as the prophets foretold; that He would be. Just as we (my word and I had planned) when all of creation first began so long long ago.

Prophesies, which I had given to my people beforehand, had told of the coming savior Jesus Christ, my only begotten son... Yes, I was
a 'seed of spirit ' inside of Mary. I grew into a male-child. Mary gave birth yet was 'still' a virgin.

My Son was born in a barn, the place where sacrifices were kept for the forgiveness of inherited sins from Adam and Eve. Well this poor child, is my image, more than my image. I am his father. He is a 'God Child,' had the weight of the whole world upon his shoulders, past and present, the whole generations of it, it is no wonder he cried out in the night.

Mary thought I was hungry, I smiled at her then while looking down at myself encased in this vulnerable piece of clay and seeing all tomorrows.

That was one of the great miracles I pulled off. It is still a blessing, even to me as I think of it yet.

Sure enough, Jesus grew up in stature and wisdom, and I knew that only the blood of a God could get rid of sin. Jesus’ blood is of my own spiritual blood and water When they crucified him on that cross, I almost relented and got rid of the whole mess, earth and mankind, but my own flesh and blood cried out "father ,...forgive them, they do not know what they do."

Jesus’ words touched my heart and I could not look at him as he died.

Such a dastardly deed, there hung my own flesh and blood at Calvary. My fury for my creation was increased. Without even taking thought I made the whole earth shake when I stuck out my finger and tore that thick curtain that had been separating man, my creation, from me. I cried "it is finished."

A SON from God had made a way to be restored to me their creator, the spiritual way was made, which man had broken in the garden of Eden was finally restored back to me as Jesus made the only way that will ever cover the chasm that has separated us. my creation and me ,God.

Even today, though there is such malice and hate filling mankind's heart that they have tried each and every way to figure How God thinks, as if they possibly can, that would be like that old crock bowl, telling the master potter how to create.

I have many who are my adopted children in the Gentiles after I cut Abraham descendants off from being my only children. When Jesus was killed, they had completely rejected me. ....they rejected 'me', their own Father, and I died for them. Soon the plan of mine shall complete, and one day they will ALL see. Every knee shall bow and KNOW me.... their Lord.

I will save my promised children, just as I long ago promised my friend Abraham. I never go back on a promise. I have many children and they honestly love me. I have blessed many of them and even brought them to me to teach them about me and then return back to earth to teach others how to find their way home.

A sinful time like never before will be upon their earth, just before it ends, but I shall dwell inside of my children I will teach them myself; they will know me by my love for them.

Satan knows, then, that his time is short and he will have free reign of earth and yes, he shall fool many into believing and even into becoming false teachers.

There will be many anti-christs who will try to act like another image of me but when placed by the real.... the fake is easily spotted. I shall place my Holy Spirit inside of my elected children so they will learn and learn the truth.

... I can hardly wait for their wilderness days to be completed on earth and it is then I will then my whole spirit, back to me, when I call them home.

The trumpet will sound....... my Children you will hear and be released ...into freedom.

   look for me...........listen...


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