Devotional Reading for May 25, 2005


Sunday School Devotional Reading for 5-25-05


The topic of our Sunday School Devotional Reading is Be Rich in
Good Works coming from I Timothy 6:11-19.

Rich in Good Works

I Timothy 6:11-19

Verse 11 - Ministerial Graces, Blamelessness

Verse 12 - The Believer's Weapons and Warfare

Verse 13 - Christ's Trial, Christ Replies

Verse 14 - Christ's Divinity, Is Called Lord

Verses 15, 16 - Attributes of God as Being, Eternity

Verse 17 - Social Relation and Duties, The Vanity of Riches

Verse 18 - Liberality in Giving

Verse 19 - Arguments for Liberality, The Giver Blessed

Scripture reference used/taken from:
KJV, Topical Reference Edition, Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, USA, 37122

Angela Watkins,
Writer, Book Reviewer, Skin Care & Cosmetics

Lesson Plan for May 29, 2005