Devotional Reading for May 16, 2005


Sunday School Devotional Reading for 5-16-05


The topic of our Sunday School Devotional Reading is The Truth
Will Make You Free coming from John 8:31-38.

When we surrender to Jesus we do not become slaves; We become free. (NKJV Teen Truth Bible).

John 8:31-38

Verse 31 - Preseverance Unto the End

Verses 32, 33, 34 - Christian Liberty

Verses 35, 36 - Christ's Divinity, Performs the Works of God, In Bestowing Spiritual Blessings

Verse 37 - Christ's Reception By Men, Hated and Persecuted

Verse 38 - Christ's Divinity, Is Called the Son of God ( Romans 8)

Scripture reference taken/used from:

NKJV, Teen Truth Bible, formerly titled Nelson's Student Bible, Copyright 1996 by Thomas Nelson, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.

KJV, Topical Reference Edition, Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, USA, 37122

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Lesson Plan for May 15, 2005