Chapter 5

Abraham and Sara

by Jenny Wren


Someone asked me to tell in my own words how I see what I read in Genesis? And how did it look to my mindís eye? So, as somewhat of a writer (with a vivid imagination)Ö about the scene I vision when earth and creation first beganÖ

Chapter 5
Abraham and Sara

Abraham was a friend of God
He had always trusted in him.
God also knew that no matter what happened,
Abraham and Sara would always serve Him,

God had blessed Abraham,
with many earthen Riches,
because he listened and served God.
One day God had promised Abraham that
one day his descendants would be so many
that there would be more
than the sands on the beach.

Abraham pondered this thought
as He and God made a covenant
(a promise) to each other
to always be friends.  
This promise was sealed
with shed blood of a sacrificial cow.
There were promises of being there
for each other regardless
of what happened.

Well Abraham had grown quite old
and His wife could not seem
to be blessed with a child.
To start the miracle spoken of,
by God who had promised
many children to Abraham,
long ago,

Sara came up with what she thought
was a great idea.
She got her handmaiden
to sleep with her husband Abraham
and to have a child for her and him.

This came into being.
Soon Ishmael was born.

Sara had wanted to help God with his plans.
She had been impatient;
her years of child-bearing days were at an end.
So the son was named Ishmael,
who the hand-maiden had given birth to.
She secretly made fun of Sara
because she could produce no children.
Sara was hurt in her feelings.

Abraham loved the child,
so when they had grown quite old,
God sent an angel to tell Abraham and Sara
that he had not forgotten them,
that she would bear a son
for her husband.

Sara Knew she was too old
to have a baby herself.
Abraham was a hundred years old.
She could hardly stifle the giggle
that erupted from her thought

With this thought, even Abraham said
"I am over a hundred years old. How?"
Immediately God cast blindness
over Abraham for his unbelief.

Sarah would not hush until Abraham
got rid of the handmaiden
and her son called, Ishmael.
They were sent into
the desert to get rid of them,
with little provisions to carry them through.
God provided
for the mother and child
they were saved.

The child Isaac was born in due time.

His daddy Abraham,
was permitted to 'see' once again,
having been blinded because of his unbelief  
that God, could give to them a child
in their old age.
This was the child that God was to bless Isreal through.
Many children would turn to God from his seed.

Isaac grew fast and furious
and became a young man taught about God,

It was a shock when God tested Abraham
to see if He loved the child more than he loved God.

God had instructed Abraham 
"Take your child, your only child.
Go to the mountains and sacrifice him to me,"

Abraham's heart felt broken,
but then he remembered
how God keeps his promises, 
so He trusted God.
They went out to do the deed.
When they got to the foot of the mountains  
Abraham told the slaves
"Stay here. We will be back later and go home."

The place of sacrifice was made,
the fire built, and Isaac was surprised
when his father told him to lie down
on the sacrifice place.
He looked at his father kind of funny
but obeyed him.

Abraham lifted the knife high
to take the life of his only son.

"STOP!" came the command of God,
"Do not do it,"
Then Isaac saw the lamb
caught in the brambles.
Abraham went and killed it, after he
had helped his son back to his side
with a deep sigh of relief.

Later down the mountain side
a Father and Son 
went home with  gratitude
for the Lord providing
he sacrifice, for them.

It is a lesson
of never taking God for granted,
yet, knowing deep inside
that God could always be trusted
and in the darkest hour.
God will somehow make a way,
in each and every happening,
in yours and my lifetime.
, ....a lesson well learned
by Abraham and Isaac.

(Here we again see the number two -
the 'second' son accepted by God.
We also can see the foreshadowing
of the birth of Jesus
and God's sacrifice for manís sins.)



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