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  1. HE KNOWS                                                                                      April 29, 2016

    In today’s world, it’s scary.  Today as I write this lesson, marks the 9 year anniversary of the bombings of the twin towers in New York City, and at the Pentagon as well as the plan that went down due to the brave men and women who fought to save the lives of many others.  Earth is a scary place.  There are wars, earthquakes, diseases, violence, and turmoil on every hand.  As weak human beings we can become so fearful and worried that we cannot enjoy life or fully be in obedience to God in our walks with Him if we let the cares of this life overtake us.  However, we find comfort in God’s word that He will never leave us or forsake us but He will go with us even to the end. 


    Discuss that God knows our frame, that we are weak and He understands that we are fearful at times.  

    Why do we worry about some things?  I believe it is the unknown.  We are fearful when we are not in control. (Tell the story of the little girl in the swimming pool with her dad.)

    When things are going well, our jobs are secure and going well, we are able to pay our bills on time, there’s plenty of food in our pantries, plenty of gas in our vehicles, we and our family are well, life seems so good and we laugh and we enjoy life to the fullest.  However, as soon as something goes awry, like the little girl, we forget that we are held by our Father who is in control AT ALL TIMES!  In HIS Word, God was always telling HIS servants, “Don’t be afraid.”  In the Bible, the phrase, “fear not” occurs 144 times.  God knows when we are afraid.  He said it to Abraham, to Isaac, to Joshua, to the children of Israel many times.  God knows how fragile we are, how sinful and weak we are. (Isaiah 41:14; Psalm 103: 8-17; 1 Peter 5:7)

    2. It’s Not About Us  (It’s All About JESUS!)
    The very moment that we begin to focus more on the cares of this life, than upon Jesus, that is when we start to fear.  We start to worry, who will take care of us?  What is going to happen to us?  How will we get through this?  Remember Peter, when he began walking on the water to Jesus?  He was ok until he stopped focusing on The LORD and placed his eyes on his surroundings, he began o be fearful. 
    In the ark, when God was giving Noah the instructions to build it.  He told him to place only one window, and it was to be in the very top of the ark.  It was so Noah would be looking up instead of around him.  God knew those were going to be tough days.  He wanted Noah’s focus to be on Him.  That was where his strength would come from. 
    Discuss that no matter what storms we are facing, if we will remember that life is about Jesus and surrender to Him because HE is in control at all times, we will come out a victor!  God Bless you all! :O))