Giving Thanks

Primary Grade Level Lesson
For Sunday School


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 Giving Thanks To God



Beginning Prayer : 

Start with a prayer of thanks and praise 
to the Lord for  having another day and
 opportunity to spend time In His Word
and for the time to reflect upon all the blessings God has placed in our lives.

Recommended  Bible Reading : 

John 6:11-14    The Feeding of the Five Thousand


** Let  the children know beforehand that this passage of John provides us details  to the lesson of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. The lesson  for today  is  going to focus on an action that Jesus did and one that we are to do as well. This is an important parable filled with many spiritual lessons and it is always good to read and study it often. There will be four discussion questions at the end of the reading .

1.  Have you ever  heard of the word miracle before ?

2.  What miracle was performed in this parable and
      who performed it  ?

3.   What did Jesus do before the food was served ?  vs. 11

4.   Is there anything you can mention right now that you can give thanks to the Lord for?

    Take turns naming  out loud what they are.


Memory Verse for Today: 

      In every thing give thanks: for this is the will
 of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians  5:18


Follow Up  Activity-Making Thank You Cards

Suggested Materials - Paper / Construction Paper - pencil , crayons,

Begin this activity with a prayer to Jesus who  taught us the importance of giving thanks to God  for all  the blessings He provides to us.

Activity :

Have the children  make a thank you card to anyone 
of their choosing.Ask them to also express in the card
how thankful they are to God for that person being in their life.

This person can be a parent, relative , friend , teacher ,  sister , brother, etc.  They are to present this card to the person this week or mail it to them if they are not close by. 

Today's  Devotional Poem .

Giving Thanks 

Through time and seasons 
There are countless reasons 
Why joy and peace rest 
Within me. 

Each day is a gift God provides 
Where spirited songs of the heart 
Celebrate the blessings of life, 
Friends and love- 
Quiet reflections… 
On things 

Thank you, Jesus 
For cleansing me 
Giving me faith 
To finally see… 
How your love and 
Set me free. 

Thank you, Jesus 
For your blood and tears, 
For guiding me throughout 
The years with your 
True  Light. 

Julie Pisacane © 2007   


Closing Prayer :   Close with a prayer asking for God's blessing to be upon the group and for having this time to learn how we can give thanks to God every day
for everything.  




Julie Pisacane