The Wall





Things in my past
Have become bricks in a wall
A wall that stands between me and you
At first, I would just step over
But that wall has grown to be so many
Where once there were so few
On your side is the light
Love, joy, and peace
On my side there are shadows
The bricks are blocking your glory from me
I go about my business...
I get too busy to pray
And while I'm not looking
Another brick is put into place
At home with my family
An argument here, an argument there
I glance back at the wall and am surprised that
it is there
In church when I need refreshing
And cry out unto you
I am surprised and dismayed
That you cannot get through
For all week long I've added bricks with my
own hands
When if I had only sought to be with you
I would have been to busy to lay the bricks That alone, one brick can do no harm
But together they are so strong
This wall is there, I cannot deny
But before it is too late, Lord
Before the wall gets too high
I come to you a sinner
I fall humbly to my knees
Only you can tear down this wall God
All you have to do is speak
But you will only do so if I ask
You gave me free will
I put the bricks in place
It's up to me to make the choice
Do I choose the light or the dark?
God, I choose the light
Behold, all strongholds as they fall
As the walls of Jericho
They do not fall in
They do not fall out
But they disappear beneath my feet
Just like the enemy
They too, are under my feet
Now, there is no wall between you and me

-- Tammy Hornbeck