The Flesh





I need a healing
For my spirit has taken a beating
Pride and self-esteem
Was slaughtered by shame
When I allowed my desires free reign
I knew it when I gave in
But the fire consumed me within
The flesh is oh so willing
And my spirit grew so weak
That its pleasures were all I could seek
The cost of my sin, he rejected me
For his were not, he stood strong
He knew what I wanted was wrong
So, now I stand
Shame flooding me
For I cannot even let him see
It burns in my eyes
So I keep my head bowed
My eyes roam, they cannot rest
For my morality failed the test
Where do I go now Lord?
I've failed him and you too
Can you still forgive me and make me new?
But most of all Lord, are you willing to?

-- Tammy Hornbeck