A Teacher’s Seed






“ A Teacher’s Seed ”


I have been blessed by the children

Touched so deep the tears have flowed

Filling my heart and filling my soul

I have not thought this was my gift

But you called me, God, so I went

Twice now, children left in my care

Through them you’ve shown me you were there

That all of my hurried lessons taught

Have not been for naught

That I have been used and the seed is planted

When to do Your will is all I wanted

Never thinking it would meet with fertile ground

But you’ve shown me where my seeds were found

I have the seed…

Life is the water…

And one day in Heaven

I will see my children holding hands with the Father

Thank you Lord, for this blessing

Thank you Lord, for using me

I am the branch, You are the tree.


-- Tammy Hornbeck