Tares or Wheat?





Everyone keeps talking about the "End"
About how it is coming Soon
This sign and that sign...
Every sermon...
Every conversation...
Every Evangelist on TV. ...
They're talking about it
Morning, night and noon
I want them to stop
My heart fills with dread
When the topic starts floating through the room
Why are they so obsessed? What's with all the doom and gloom?
Is it just me?
Do they see darkness
Where I see the light?
Why do I want to hold off the rapture
When it only brings Heaven closer in sight?
They talk of how they hate to see A baby born for fear of what is to be
I can't see things that way
A baby, to me, is Hope incarnate
But whatever is to come
Will be, will be
I am saved
So to fear, I see no need
And I do worry about the ones who aren't
I worry that we may be stopping them at the door
Hellfire and brimstone...
Dearth, starvation, and Doom
Instead of salvation, mercy, and redemption
Will they even get to these?
So, I have to wonder
Are we, ourselves, planting tares
Instead of the wheat?
Are we building walls
Instead of opening doors?
Sometimes I wonder, Lord
Sometimes, I just don't know anymore
It's not that I want the gospel
To be all sunshine and no rain
But they need the milk
Before they can eat the meat
I wonder if we're setting
Ourselves up for defeat
Sigh. Only you know, Lord
And I pray that I am not right
For their sake, Lord
Not mine.




-- Tammy Hornbeck