Sweet Waves





Sweet waves wash over me
Cool, refreshing tears flow unnoticed
I close my eyes to draw closer
To forget the world around me
And feel only Him
"Thank you, Lord"
I needed that
I needed You!
You always come when I call
Even when I am unaware of my own cries
You give me what I need
You reveal yourself to me in a way uniquely mine
I am a soft spirit
Power and noise do not soothe me
But your sweet waves nourish like nothing else
I welcome them, crave them, pray for them...
I don't desire any other source of your love
Though I know it comes in many forms
Forms to nourish your other children
I am happy with what I have
I thank you for caring so much about me individually
As individual as the hairs on my head that you have numbered
Keep sending the waves, Lord
Keep sending the waves...



-- Tammy Hornbeck