The Prophet and His Country






“ A prophet is not without honor
except in his own country and in his own house”
Matthew 13:57

Is that it, Lord?
Is that why they won’t listen?
Big brother and big sister
Can’t listen to the baby in the family
How could she possible know more than us?
Yet, I know God’s unconditional love

So, what am I to do?
How do I show them the way?
Do I simply pray?
How do I plant your seed?
How Lord, if the prophet
Is not welcome in his own country?

Oh, how I want to do so much more
How I want to know
That they are okay
That they have found the way
The only way…

So many of our family
Have gone on before
And I just don’t know
I am left with only my hope

But even that is better
Than what I fear
But I can’t linger there…

Those thoughts hurt too much
I’ll choose to believe
In God’s mercy and love

There’s no room to doubt
For should I weaken and give in
I’ll find there is no way out

I won’t take that chance
No, not I
I’ll live and walk
In God’s holy light


-- Tammy Hornbeck