A Prayer






“ A Prayer ”


Satan leans close and whispers…

“If you weren’t good enough before,

Why would you be good enough now?”

He knows me well…

He’s been in my life a long time

But that was before I died

And was born again…


I’m like a baby just learning how to crawl

I can’t always catch myself before the fall

But now there is someone new to lend me a hand

And pick me up and give me the strength to stand


Worthy to be loved, me?

When everyone I’ve ever loved has turned and left me?

Who else but God will love me unconditionally?

Does this mean I’ll always be lonely?

Does this mean love will come to stay?

No matter what I do or say?


Dear Lord, I fall to my knees

If not love, Lord please give me peace

Help me Lord, not to want what is not in your will

Please Lord, calm my thoughts and make my spirit still

For it is in the stillness that I feel you the most

It is in the stillness that I feel you close


Flee from me Satan!

My heart has no room for you

For I am no longer the girl you once knew

I belong to Jesus! 


-- Tammy Hornbeck