On The Outside





On The Outside
I’m an ordinary person
Nothing special about my looks
You'd never know judging from my "cover"
The secrets written in my book
You can't see the darkness from the past
You wouldn't believe the trials I've had
You couldn't imagine the road from which I've come
Or understand the things that I've done

I tried to hide my sin and shame
I learned well, how to play that game
But when no one else was around
I could not hide from myself
For the truth, was all around

I could not see God’s guiding light
I could not believe forgiveness was within reach
I couldn’t see how God could use someone like me

Only God knows the burdens you bear
I don’t need to know in order to care
I was once as lost as you
I have walked miles in your shoes
So I do know God’s love is waiting for you

You don’t have to do but one thing
Open your heart and call on Jesus’ name
And all the things that once kept you bound
Can be erased in the blink of an eye
And you can be made new on the inside
That’s God’s promise when your turn over your life
That’s His word, and He doesn’t lie



-- Tammy Hornbeck