Not My Time To Fly





My heart raced as I read the letter
Both excitement and fear filled my soul
And the doubt that always comes
Took their place as I realized
The answer was "no"
Then, I remembered God's promise
This I can't deny
He's already done too much
For me, there is no denying
His unconditional love
I will just keep trying
Keep doing God's will And one day, you will see I'll reach the top of the hill
God gave me a ministry
With words and rhythm
And with pen and paper
I'll witness and testify
Of the miraculous changes
His love has made in my life
I'll reach souls
No one else can reach
And I'll keep living out my special ministry
With God's help and love keeping me company
Today the publishers said, "no"
One day one will say yes
And both me and God
Will be blessed!

-- Tammy Hornbeck