My Weakness





My eyes burn with shame
I cannot look his way
He needs me to tell him I'm okay
But I cannot give him what I can't say
Lord, forgive me—
Take away my shame
For it is a wall between him and me
The one I know you meant for just me
I do not doubt what you have done
But I've allowed your work to come undone
In the one area, you know I am so weak
The exact tool Satan used against me
I have him the sword
Placed it in his very hand
And now I have fallen
But I want to stand
Take my hand, please Lord
Pull me from the darkness of my sin
I long to se the light again
To feel it's warmth healing me
Please, Lord, bestow me with your mercy
I cannot make it right
What I have done is wrong
Without your grace to guide me home
Without your grace to fill my soul
I need you, Lord!
To heal the damage my sin has done
I cannot lose him, Lord!
He is the only one
He's as much a part of me
As your spirit living inside of me
If he should leave what would become of me?
Dear Lord, please...
That is an answer I do not seek
A mystery I have no desire to solve.
Lord, please....
Right my wrong.


-- Tammy Hornbeck