My Pulpit





God is fixing to use me...
God is fixing to send me...
The printed word is my pulpit
The printed word is my tool
Through the words I write
God in me is speaking through
I am not "gifted" in song...
I am not "gifted" to preach...
But God has shown me a way
That He can use even me...
My books are my pulpit
In them, I plant the seed
It's in them that some shall see...
See the truth of God's Word
See that they can be saved
Some will see, as they read
When before there was no way...
For not everyone will go to a church
Not everyone will tune to a gospel song
For some this is their only chance
To make right their wrongs
So do not make light of my work
Please don't criticize me
Because if you do
You do not see
What God sees in me
For others can reach people I can't
And I can reach those they won't
As long as we're reaching the lost
That is all we have to know
It's all about God
It's not about us
This is just my way
Of showing God's Love


-- Tammy Hornbeck