Love Me, Love Me Not






“ Love me, Love me Not”

I speak to you, but you refuse to hear
I dream of you, though you are not near
I pray on your behalf
Standing in your place before God
Knowing that I do not enter your thoughts
Towards me, your hearts are cold
But my love for you is beyond your control
You can refuse my calls...
Return my mail...
And you can refuse my prayers
To no avail
I used to think love had to be earned
I used to think it was a two way street
But that was before God revealed His truth to me
He loved me, when I would not look his way
He died for me, before I knew his name
I do not love you, as you love me
I love you as God loves, unconditionally
One day, my love will not be in vain
One day God will bring you home to stay
Should you never in your heart find love for me
I will love you still, for an eternity
So because of this, God's love inside of me
Dear Brothers and sister, this is all I pray
For you to know God's love.. .one day

-- Tammy Hornbeck