Dear Lord, my heart feels so light
Gone is the heaviness of yesterday
I fall to my knees and pray!

Pray, I stay strong of heart
Pray, I stay faithful to Your word
Pray, for Your will each and every day!
I pray! I pray! I pray! I pray!

I praise you, Lord!
For the lightness in my heart
For the peace that fills my soul
I praise you, Lord!
For the courage to let others know
Of the blessings you’ve poured upon me
By the light in my eyes
That  I know they can see!  

I praise you, Lord!
For the disciples you’ve surrounded me with
For the words of support…
Biblical wisdom for strength…
Comfort, so I do not feel so alone…
When the world breaks in
On this paradise I’ve come to know…
I praise you, Lord for the strength to stand on my own!

Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”


-- Tammy Hornbeck