I Trust You





“I Trust You”



I trust you to provide for me
To meet all my physical  needs

I trust you to raise my children
To instill in them wrong from right

I trust you to care for my body
Entrusting it to love and be loved in return

I trust you to stand by my side
During the rain and when the sun shines

I trust you to hold my hand in sickness and in health
During the beauty of my youth
And during the ravages of age

I trust you to provide all my essential needs
Food, shelter, and clothing

But above all of this…
From one servant of God to another
I entrust you with my soul

As the spiritual leader of our home
It’s this last thing that holds the most value
It’s a gift from me to you
As your wife I make this solemn vow with you
God trust you, and so I do too


-- Tammy Hornbeck