In Their Stead





“In Their Stead”


Oh, that they would have my comfort!
To ease the pain of Momma’s loss
But they are living in denial and sin
Blinded to the sacrifice of the cross

The refuse to give up their chosen life
They refuse to remove the beam in their eyes
Fighting to keep control of their lives
They bury and feed their anger and pain
When relief is as easy as calling out His name

If they could only see
That they are refusing the key
To the bondage of sin they’re in
If they would only accept Jesus
Their true healing would begin

Lord, bless my brothers and sister
During this time of overwhelming pain
Help me to help them
Let us be a family again
Help me to break the curse on this family
That our father’s father caused
Let the healing begin with me
Work one more miracle in their hearts

I stand before you, God
I’m standing in their place
Accepting for them, your wondrous mercy and grace
Until their hearts eventually soften
And they can accept it on their own
Lord, bless them and keep them safe
So that together, we can all make Heaven our home


-- Tammy Hornbeck