I Need Your Direction





“I Need Your Direction”



Lord, I need your direction
I feel as if you're far away
But I know it is my fault
Lord, please forgive me today

My work has become riddled
With stress and frustrations
I need the money I make
Lord, I need your divine direction

I am no longer happy
Doing what I do
But I know you have a plan
Lord, please tell me how to follow you

Life is quickly changing
With so much going on at home
Lord, I only want what you want
Please show me which way to go

I went by the elementary school today
And I felt that all familiar rush
Yet every time I've tread that path
It's been blocked by rocks and brush
I feel kind of lost these days
Oh, how I hate how that feels
Lord, whisper your will in my soul
I'm not trying to make any deals

Because Your way is the only way
I won’t do this on my own
Lord, I need your direction
Please help me find my way home


-- Tammy Hornbeck