I'm Praying For You Daddy





“I'm Praying For You Daddy”



Sins, sorrows, mistakes, and circumstances
Have kept us from being
What we should be
Years have come and gone
Neither of us is still young
And time does not tell
When it will be no more
 I don’t want what time we have left
To be as it has in the past
My love for you has grown
Since I gave my heart to the Lord
And just as I have
I want you
To make heaven your home
But it will take more than my prayers
You have to believe in what you can't see
If you can't right now
I pray someday you will see
The Love of Christ, living in me
Until you can see what your heart believes
And so, until that blessed time...
I will lend you a bit of mine
Until you have a faith of your own
From Daughter to father…
My prayers to your thoughts…
My faith to your doubt…
My love to your heart…

I’m praying for your salvation, Daddy.


-- Tammy Hornbeck