If You Only Knew





“If You Only Knew”



If you only knew...
How my heart races, just looking at you

If you only knew...
How I have to catch my breath
When you look into my eyes
If you could only know
The love that fills me up inside
Perhaps then you would know
That we have solved the greatest mystery in life

For eternal, unconditional love Is the greatest mystery of this world
But the answer is the simplest If you live by the Word

We wander the world searching...
Restless spirits never happy
Searching for peace in worldly things
Forgetting that it is already within our grasp
If we would only take God's hand
And surrender to Him heart, body, and soul
We have the answer...
Many times we've been told
We're just too stubborn to let go
We want to be the ones in control

It was when I surrendered all
That God gave me the desire of my heart
You, Jesse, are my won private miracle
You, my darling, are my answered prayer
And I will never cease to praise God
And thank Him and you, for simply being here.



-- Tammy Hornbeck