I Dreamed About God






“I Dreamed About God”


I dreamed about God...
For me, dreams are a place of darkness
A place that usually holds pain from the past
A place where Satan has been exists
Until now, at least, he has
Attacking me when I am weak
Last night God proved once again how far he'd go
To prove His incredible love for me

This morning His presence is so strong
I cannot keep the tears from my eyes
When I’ve been feeling so alone
I suddenly felt Him by my side

Dreams have come often to me
A "dreamer" I seem to be
But this was the first time
I dreamed about God
If only I could choose my dreams
I'd choose to dream this dream a lot
But the night eventually ends
And a new day begins
When it does I must awaken
Leaving my dream and feeling forsaken
Oh, how I wish I could stay
One day, I will, but not today...
Not today..


-- Tammy Hornbeck